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Communal Scarves!
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Welcome to passalongscarf, the official community for knitting the Longest Scarf in the World, as well as your very own communal scarf!

There are two projects you can be involved in:

1. The Longest Scarf in the World!
We are working on breaking the world record for the longest knitted scarf, which is currently 98 miles long. It is started by one person, mailed to another to work on it, mailed to another, so on and so on until it is a record-breaking length! (It will be knit in chunks to save on shipping.) If you would like to knit a bit on this project, sign up!

2. Your Very Own Communal Scarf!
This involves getting into a small group. Everyone in the group starts a scarf, which is then passed around by mail through everyone else in the group until everybody has a scarf knit by everyone else! This project involves a bit more commitment than The Longest Scarf because it requires sticking to working on everyone's scarves until they are done, but the end result is lots of fun and an interesting work of art!

How do I sign up?

To sign up, please send me an e-mail at kandigurl_ea@hotmail.com, subject: pass along scarf, with the following information:

1. Name

2. Address

3. E-mail

4. LJ User Name

5. Which project would you like to be involved in? World's Longest Scarf, Communal Scarf, or both?

6. Are you allergic to animal fibers? (acrylic only?)

7. What is the maximum you'd be willing to spend on shipping over the course of the project (a minimum of $17.50 for communal scarves)

What happens once I've signed up?

Once you've signed up, your name will be added to a list, which I will organize once a week. Submissions will be collected every Friday, and groups and new lists will be posted every Monday. (Saturday and Sunday submissions go into the next Friday's group.)

If you are working on the World's Longest Scarf: Your name will be added to the list of people it will be sent to. This list will be divided into groups of 15, once those 15 people have knit on that chunk of scarf, it will be sent back to me and I will keep track of assembly and total length! You will receive an e-mail giving you further instructions.

If you are working on a communal scarf: You will be put into a rotation group based on how much you are willing to spend on shipping. (If you do not live in the states, you will be placed in a group based on your location.) You will receive an e-mail giving you the names and addresses of everyone in your rotation group, along with projected mailing dates so that the scarves are finished quickly without spending too much time in any one place!

General Guidelines:

1. Post to the community when you receive and send off a scarf so that we can all keep track of where the scarves are.

2. Please only submit your name if you are willing to commit to a scarf! It's not fair to others involved if you do not follow through.

3. Be courteous! Try to send the scarf along by the maildate so that scarves do not get lost!

4.If you want to work on more than one communal scarf, or work on the longest scarf more than once, feel free to sign up multiple times! Please only sign up once per week. Every week you sign up, you will be included for that week's lists and rotation groups.

5. Finally, have fun with it! If you have any other questions, please e-mail me at kandigurl_ea@hotmail.com.