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28th January 2007

littleanomaly10:37pm: Hi everyone
This is an awesome group, is there one like this for crochet? I'm a terrible knitter.

9th November 2004

lillaurielou9:22pm: What's Happening
Hi!!! I'm really interested in participating in the pass along... but is it still going on?
Current Mood: curious

23rd October 2004

brody_wannabe9:35pm: new
hey, im new. just wanted to say hey and ask a few quick ?'s. ok, 1. how do you join the knitted peices together, 2. whats the easiest way to send em out, and 3. howd this get started?


18th September 2004

jennstar7:03pm: Ok, not to be bitchy, but...
...should I just give up on ever seeing my scarf again? If not, I've moved, and I have a new address...

10th September 2004

sarah_bee8:21pm: I know this took me a while, and I'm sorry for that, but I just moved into my new apartment & have been trying to get settled... BUT I sent out burningice's completed scarf via Priority Mail today. The clerk told me that it should get there by Monday, so keep an eye out for it. I'm really sorry it took me so long to send.
Current Mood: accomplished

6th September 2004

valancystirling1:10am: Hey! Where's my scarf?! I'm really starting to be disappointed.

24th August 2004

jennstar11:51am: So I was wondering...any chance I'll be seeing my scarf sometime soon?
Current Mood: curious

7th August 2004

sarah_bee2:41pm: I was away on a mini-vacation this week and when I got back guess what was waiting for me? My finished scarf! I love it! I'm going to finish it up tonight (add my final rows, bind off, weave all the loose ends, & add fringe) and then I'll post some pictures! I've also got burningice's scarf to add my final bit to and then I'll send it off to her. This was such a great project, I'd really love to do it again! xoxo.

4th August 2004

adaintum5:51pm: scarf...
Just wanted to let Iko know here, instead of posting in my personal journal :), that her scarf is on the way!

27th July 2004

trillian423:08pm: Forgot to post! I mailed adaintum's completed scarf to her yesterday.

23rd July 2004

adaintum9:07am: mailing and question...
I sent my last installment to Iko on Monday, Sorry it was way late... but life is, well , let's just say busy at the moment. My question is this... I am working on the last section before sending the finished scarf on to Iko who started it... Should we be binding off the 6th section, or would the scarf starter rather bind off their own scarf?

What do you think?

20th July 2004

lunia12:44pm: For Group 1: When I got home from vacation yesterday there was a scarf package in my door. It arrived the same day I did! Funny, huh? I'll get started on it today!

18th July 2004

kandigurl6:05pm: World's Longest Scarf
For those of you doing the world's longest scarf and wondering what's going on: I have been very, VERY busy this summer, and haven't had time to organize things for that. But around mid August, things should settle down and I'll have enough time to put it all together. Don't worry, I still have everyone's information, just hang tight!

16th July 2004

trillian422:39pm: Just sent along the scarf I had (I think it was ... forgotten the name already. it was the one that's all natural fibers.) Sorry it was so late -- I was out of town for 6 days over the weekend when I would have been knitting on it.

15th July 2004

purlygirl12:41pm: a real disappointment
well, i'm officially dropping out of this project since i never received anything to knit from anyone else (i sent out 1st round on June 1st); the starter scarf and nifty logbook i sent out have apparently fallen into a black hole; and no one in my rotation group except the v. gracious e_musings even responded to emails.

it's a shame b/c this sounded like a lot of fun, and the first rotation group seems to have things pretty well in hand.
Current Mood: cranky

10th July 2004

burningice10:10pm: i rec. the other scarf today!!! i'm mailing it early cuz i dont want to lose it!!! should ship out monday.

9th July 2004

ioulianpotho3:13pm: world's longest scarf
has the world's longest scarf been started yet? I hadn't gotten any emails about it so I'm assuming it hasn't.
lunia3:58pm: Hi, Group 1! It's getting close to July 12 and I haven't gotten another scarf yet. I will be leaving to go on vacation Saturday morning (July 10) and won't be home for 9 days. If a scarf arrives at my house while I'm gone, I'm sorry I won't be able to work on it until the 19th, which is the day I return. I'm letting you all know now because I probably won't have internet access on vacation.

8th July 2004

sarah_bee10:14am: I accidentally posted this to my personal journal two days ago and just realized:

Just a little update: 

Last week I sent out the scarf I had for too long (megd's) to burningice.  It went Priority so it may already be there (if the holiday weekend didn't interfere too much).  Today I sent another scarf out to burningice.  I got it late but worked on it quickly and now I'm back on schedule!  It went out via First Class mail and should get there in a few days.  I've got one last scarf and that one's not getting mailed until the 12th (next maildate!).  Sorry if you're getting swamped, burningice, but valancystirling and I both got a little behind.  Sorry about that.
Current Mood: accomplished

5th July 2004

neels4:15pm: hey i have just come across your community today and it sounds really cool what ye're doing! i am an addicted knitter and would love to take part... only i'm living in ireland... would that be a problem?

3rd July 2004

adaintum10:40pm: Ooooooops...
Iko- Heads up, today I discovered the journal that goes with the scarf piece you have! I will get it in the mail on Tuesday and it should get to you before you need to ship it out!
Pertinent information that you need to know why you wait, please knit a 12" section.



1st July 2004

trillian429:12am: Hey y'all, my scarf piece will go out to adaintum today over my lunch break. Sorry it's running a few days late -- I kept forgetting pieces! First forgot to bring the stitch holder, then I forgot the address, then I forgot the log book... meh.

We're almost done! Just 2 more scarves apiece...

30th June 2004

sarah_bee1:24pm: I've had megd's scarf for too long now.  I've been very busy and am hoping to finish my work on it before the post office closes today.  I got two more scarves in the mail today (I'm not the only one who got bcked up!)  I just wanted to post & say that they are here. they are safe. and they are going to be sent out as quickly as possible. 

28th June 2004

lunia12:30pm: Today, another scarf was put in the mail. I sent one with 4 sections completed to jennstar this morning! WOo!

The longer the scarves get the cooler and prettier they are becoming. I'm getting really excited to see what the next one looks like.

Btw, if anyone DOES post pictures, PLEASE put the pics behind a cut so we will have a choice to look at them or not. Thanks!

26th June 2004

keelyerin11:09pm: no scarf have i
i just realized that i should probably have a new scarf by now. i got the one that burningice sent early, finished it and sent it off early, but i haven't gotten another one. wasn't one coming this week?
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